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…and I make a living by helping innovative companies protect their most valuable assets – their intellectual property – with patents to maximize their competitive edge.

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Conference bio:

Bastian BestBastian Best is a European and German patent attorney and a partner at BARDEHLE PAGENBERG. Having worked as a software developer for several years he nowadays prosecutes, litigates and defends patents for software inventions (“software patents”).

His technical focus lies on industrial software, business software, cloud-based solutions, apps, computer games, cryptography, the Internet of Things, big data, machine learning and artificial intelligence. Bastian is also competent in the fields of telecommunications technology, mechanical and electrical engineering, medical devices and sports equipment.

As the co-author of the chapter on Germany in “Software Patents Worldwide”, Bastian is always up-to-date on drafting software patent claims that are valid and enforceable in Germany and beyond. He regularly holds a lecture on patent strategies for start-ups at the CDTM in Munich.

A more personal bio:

It all started after I had graduated as a computer scientist at the TU München when I was working as a research engineer at BMW. I quickly realized that my strength lies less in developing innovative new things myself, but more in explaining the underlying technical issues so that the ordinary man in the street can understand them (especially when my grandma kept asking me “What is it again that you do in your job?”).

And this is exactly what I do as a patent attorney today. I break down the difficult technical details of my client’s inventions and “sell” them to patent examiners, judges and my client’s business partners. The other way around, I help innovators navigate the complex jungle of German, European and international patent law and legalese.

My practice has a heavy focus on prosecuting, litigating and defending software patents since 2008. As of recently, I’m also getting into the startup scene figuring out ways how tech startups can use patents to grow their business.

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