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Bastian Best is one of the few European and German patent attorneys with a university degree in computer science. Having worked as a software developer for several years he nowadays prosecutes, litigates and defends patents for software, hardware and computer technology related inventions. He is a partner at BARDEHLE PAGENBERG, one of the largest Intellectual Property firms in Europe.

Bastian’s technical expertise covers industrial control software, business software, telecommunications technology, cloud-based solutions, mobile apps, computer games and cryptography, with a particular focus on the patentability of disruptive technologies such as the Internet of Things, big data, blockchain, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

The co-author of the chapter on Germany in “Software Patents Worldwide”, Bastian is always up-to-date on drafting software patent claims that are valid and enforceable in Germany and beyond. He is a regular conference speaker on IP issues emerging from the ongoing penetration of traditional industry sectors with disruptive technologies. Bastian regularly holds lectures on patent strategies for start-ups at the CDTM in Munich.

Bastian Best
Bastian Best

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