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Thoughts on emerging technologies and how they may or may not disrupt the legal industry

Is blockchain a solution that’s looking for a problem?


Last week, I had a great time talking about blockchain for IP registers at the IP Executive Week. It’s an event organized by the EPO and EUIPO where management level staff of international IP offices met in Munich to learn about the technological and organizational challenges of the future. I was impressed to see that the EPO already uses artificial intelligence to a great extent throughout...

Blockchain for IP registers – the next big thing or just hype?


Everyone seems to be talking about blockchain and how it will disrupt virtually any industry in the near future. The IP community is no exception, some say. I will be speaking at the “IP Executive Week” in Munich next week, where management level staff from national and regional IP offices will meet to learn about the impact of cutting-edge technology such as AI and blockchain, as... Software patents for emerging tech since 2008