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What is a German “utility model”?


In addition to patents, there is a utility model in Germany, which is codified in the Utility Model Act (“Gebrauchsmustergesetz”, GebrMG). In contrast to patents, which are substantively examined before grant, German utility models are registered after an examination for formal criteria only. Since a utility model is not substantially examined prior to registration, its validity can directly be...

Goodbye K’s Law, hello ebook!


Readers of this blog will most probably also follow Oliver Randl’s K’s Law, a great blog featuring an almost daily extract from a decision of the Boards of Appeal of the EPO. Fortunately, Oliver has recently been appointed technical member of a Board of Appeal, though this means that his blog will no longer be continued. Oliver’s achievement in case law blogging is remarkable, as K’s Law includes...

Perspektive Patentanwalt — ein Erfahrungsbericht


Dies ist ein Abdruck meines Buchbeitrags zu “Perspektive Patentanwalt 2010: Herausforderungen zwischen Technologie und Recht. Berufsbild, Ausbildung, Einstieg, Karrierewege” (, 3. Auflage, Januar 2010). Während meines Informatikstudiums hatte ich mich nie näher mit dem Beruf Patentanwalt befasst, da mir nicht bewusst war, dass Informatiker dort überhaupt gebraucht werden. Hinzu kam... Software patents for emerging tech since 2008