Software patents for emerging tech since 2008

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What startup entrepreneurs need to know about patents


Today, I was giving a lecture on “What startup entrepreneurs need to know about patents” as part of the study program „Technology Management“ at the CDTM in Munich. Thanks Gesa and Philipp for inviting Sebastian and me again! This was the third time I did this intro to patent law at the CDTM and it is always great fun, as the students had great questions and (hopefully) some new...

Why I’m writing a book about startup patent strategy


I’m a European patent attorney. And I was frustrated. Over the years, countless entrepreneurs came to me with a feeling that they need some form of protection for their innovation – be it their disruptive business model or their cool new technology, product or service concept. Many got in contact with me after a potential investor had asked them some tough questions about their intellectual...

Why every entrepreneur needs an innovation plan


Startup companies differ from traditional businesses in two characteristics: They aim at developing a viable business model around an innovative product or service, oftentimes to disrupt traditional markets. They seek rapid growth, sometimes with the aim of selling the company after a few years. In the early stages, a startup typically does not own significant “real” business assets, such as...

Was Investoren hören wollen: Lean Startups brauchen eine leane Patentstrategie


Ich bin Patentanwalt. Und ich war frustriert. Viele Unternehmer in der Gründungsphase ihrer Startups konnten meine Beratung nicht umsetzen, weil das Budget die hohen Patentkosten nicht hergab. Als die Investoren dann vor dem Abschluss der Seed- bzw. Series-A-Runde eine Patentstrategie verlangten, kamen viele der Gründer wieder zu mir. Aber es war zu spät für Patentschutz. Das Dilemma: Patente...

The #1 BAD REASON why startups should file patents


I’m just preparing some presentation slides for a talk I will be giving tomorrow at the Center for Digital Technology and Management, a joint institution of the two universities we have here in Munich. The topic of my lecture will be “IP strategies for startups” — and a large part will be about patents, obviously.
And here’s one of the key messages of my lecture: Software patents for emerging tech since 2008