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I regularly speak at conferences and moderate discussion panels on various IP topics, especially in the context of disruptive technologies like artificial intelligence, blockchain and the Internet of Things.

If you see me, just say hello and let’s chat over coffee!

Upcoming events

30 November 2018: Discussion panel on “New trends and developments in blockchain”. 1st Asia Pacific LES YMC Conference, Hong Kong

26-29 January 2019: Applied Machine Learning Days, EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland

26-28 May 2019: Discussion panel on Patents and artificial intelligence. LESI Annual Conference 2019, Yokohama, Japan

Past events

22 October 2018: Round table discussion on “Patenting blockchain”. European Patent Office, Munich, Germany

11-12 October 2018: Talk on “Patents for software and disruptive
technologies in Europe”. 2nd International Conference PROTECTION OF INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS, Moscow, Russia [download the slides]

Protection of intellectual property rights, Moskow, 2018

21 September 2018: Discussion panel on “Inventorship and ownership of artificial intelligence implementations and machine learning”LESI’s 4th Pan-American YMC Meeting, Cancun, Mexico

LES 4th Pan-American YMC Meeting, Cancun 2018
LES 4th Pan-American YMC Meeting, Cancun 2018

9-11 September 2018: LES Scandinavia Annual Conference 2018, Stockholm, Sweden

10 July 2018: Talk on “Blockchain: Distributed registers that help securing authenticity, smart contracts and infringement detection – where do we stand?”. IP Executive Week, European Patent Office, Munich, Germany [download the slides]

Bastian Best
IP Executive Week, 2018 (c) European Patent Office

29 June 2018: Discussion panel on “Profitable IP strategies”. Legal 500 IP Forum, BARDEHLE PAGENBERG, Munich, Germany

Legal 500 IP Forum “Creating profitable IP strategies”, 2018

13-14 May 2018: European Patent Litigators Association (EPLIT) 5th Annual Meeting, Milan, Italy

30 April 2018: Discussion panel on “Artificial intelligence: The IP behind the disruption”. LESI Annual Conference, San Diego, USA

15 September 2017: Discussion panel on “Artificial intelligence: The IP behind the disruption”5th Pan European LESI Young Member Congress, Budapest, Hungary Software patents for emerging tech since 2008