What startup entrepreneurs need to know about patents

Today, I was giving a lecture on “What startup entrepreneurs need to know about patents” as part of the study program „Technology Management“ at the CDTM in Munich. Thanks Gesa and Philipp for inviting Sebastian and me again!

This was the third time I did this intro to patent law at the CDTM and it is always great fun, as the students had great questions and (hopefully) some new insights at the end.

In particular, what is always eye opening for the audience is that patentability and infringement are really two different animals. For example, although an improver’s product might infringe a broad pioneer patent, the improver product might still be patented, leading to a dependent patent within the scope of the pioneer patent. The improver patent in turn can give the improver bargaining chips, e.g. to get into a cross licensing deal with the pioneer.

I’m happy to share my presentation slides, so just let me know in case you’re interested.

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