The Startup Patent Toolbox

The Startup Patent Toolbox

A practical guide for European entrepreneurs to maximize the business value of their innovations

The Startup Patent Toolbox
The Startup Patent Toolbox

I’ve been helping startup entrepreneurs protect their innovations with patents for almost ten years now. During that time, I came across the same basic questions about patents over and over and I developed a number of short tutorials, checklists and guidelines to help early stage entrepreneurs.

The idea of compiling these resources into a book was then somewhat unavoidable.

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What you will find in this book

  1. A working knowledge of the mechanics of intellectual property. This helps you understand the system and its benefits and avoid the typical mistakes many founders make in the early startup phases.
  2. A concrete process for capturing, prioritizing, protecting and using your innovation assets. The plan is accompanied by guidelines, templates and tools for your practical use. This enables you to set up your company’s innovation plan as the foundation for a sustainable innovation strategy.
  3. A patent filing strategy that is aligned with the needs of lean startups. I developed this strategy when I realized that many of the classic intellectual property strategies do not entirely fit the (lean) startup way of building businesses, particularly the tight budget in the early stages, the high business and technology risk and the need for early market validation.

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