#5 G1/19 first reactions w/ Rudolf Teschemacher and many more

Last week, the Enlarged Board of Appeal finally published its long-awaited decision G1/19 about the patentability of computer simulations. Does it revolutionize the patentability of computer simulations and patents for software in general, as some had hoped? Or is it rather a controlled evolution of the EPO’s framework for computer-implemented inventions?

To find out I talked to a number of great experts in the field: Rudolf Teschemacher, Martin Wilming, Martin Huynh, Martin Schweiger and Christof Karl. Many thanks to everyone for contributing!

You can read the whole decision G1/19 here.

This podcast has a video version on YouTube, too:

What are your thoughts?

Now on to you. What’s your first impression about the Enlarged Board’s thinking in G1/19? I’m excited for your feedback. Share your thoughts in the comments!

Talk to you soon,

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