Patents for AI: much is at stake

I just noticed that my little video about AI patents and enablement is approaching 500 views since I uploaded it last Wednesday. That's exceeding my expectations by far, so: Thank you all so much for your likes, shares and comments on Youtube and LinkedIn!  Here's the video, in case you've missed it: That said, there's much … Continue reading Patents for AI: much is at stake

Patents for computer simulations?

In case you haven't seen it already on the BARDEHLE PAGENBERG newsfeeds, my colleague Patrick Heckeler and I had a short conversation about the pending referral G1/19 and the underlying question whether computer simulations should be patentable at the EPO: I'm very much looking forward to the Enlarged Board's decision. In fact, this decision … Continue reading Patents for computer simulations?

Patents for database technology

Yesterday was the first Tuesday in 2020 - time for a new entry in the European software patents knowledge base.This decision is about database technology. Lately, I had several applications get rejected in first instance based on the argument that the invention involves only logical query optimization (=non-technical), which is by design encapsulated from the … Continue reading Patents for database technology